Your Company Needs Video Production To Grow In 2019

Phoenix Arizona is now one of the leading hubs for all things digital media. And if you are a business owner here in state, here’s a tip or two for the road of growth. For many of us in the video production industry, our attention made a recent shift from the latest software or film…
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A Brief Guide To Hiring A Video Production Company in Phoenix

It’s time to start your next major commercial (video) production! Arizona is known for our predictable weather, varied locations, and breathtaking scenery. And while Phoenix and the surrounding areas may be a great place to shoot, the logistics of pulling all the components together remotely can be a lot of work without an experienced production…
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Video Production Ideas For Small Businesses

People love watching videos. Videos can be motivational, informational, and even heartwarming. The benefit of videos is that it combines both visual stimulation and audio stimulation, which can make even complex concepts easier to explain and easier for your viewers to understand. Here are 15 video production ideas for small businesses: An Introduction Incorporating a…
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How To Create A Video Marketing Strategy

Video is now one of the most important parts of the current internet user’s experience. Think about how you gather information while on the internet – how much of it comes from video? The incredible growth of video content, and corresponding habits of video consumption means video marketing has a real place in the online…
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History Of The Green Screen

Green screens are utilized in a surprising number of video productions these days, whether you are aware of it or not. Even the smallest producers of videos can utilize it to create amazing content and various effects. However, it can also be incredibly challenging and difficult to receive the proper results. Let’s be clear on…
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Choosing the best owner operator for your grip and electric production needs

For smaller productions, it is becoming more common to hire an owner operator for grip and lighting on set.   An owner/operator is someone who both owns a grip and lighting equipment package and typically works as a gaffer or key grip on the production.  Occasionally you will also find DP owner operators who provide their…
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8 Tips for Using a Teleprompter for Your Next Video Project

If you’ve ever had to deliver a statement or script direct to camera, then you’ll know that nailing the perfect presentation can be an exercise in frustration.

7 Ways to Effectively Leverage Video Content in Your Marketing Efforts

If you can create high-quality video content that can be used effectively, it can easily become the centerpiece of your entire marketing strategy. Video content can provide audiences with material that’s not only entertaining, but can provide important information and messages that you’re trying to communicate to a specific audience. As with almost all companies,…
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Why You Should Choose Arizona for Your Next Video Shoot

For a company looking to shoot its next video, the location of the video shoot can play a huge role in the decision for several reasons. Many companies are constantly trying to find ways to shoot high-quality videos without breaking too much of their budget. One way to limit your production budget is to find…
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3 Tips For Maximizing Your Video Production Budget

When it comes to branding, marketing, communications and sales, nothing works as well as video. If you’re not convinced, consider the following statistics from statista: There are 232 million digital video viewers in the United States, which accounts for more than 70 percent of the country’s population About 85 percent of all internet users watch…
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