7 Ways to Effectively Leverage Video Content in Your Marketing Efforts

If you can create high-quality video content that can be used effectively, it can easily become the centerpiece of your entire marketing strategy. Video content can provide audiences with material that’s not only entertaining, but can provide important information and messages that you’re trying to communicate to a specific audience.

As with almost all companies, the goal in creating high-quality video content is to increase engagement with your target audience, and ultimately achieve higher conversion rates. If you are looking to effectively leverage more video content in your marketing efforts, here are 7 ways to achieve it:

1. Establish trust
Video content is a great way for you to reach out to your audience, and to tell them all about your company and the individuals in it. It’s very important to develop this kind of human trust, because customers react much more readily to other humans. Thinking about using real customers who can offer testimonials, so that trust with an even wider audience can be established.

2. Focus on good content
Quality is always important to keep in mind, but your number one priority should always be providing great content to viewers. Content should be as informative as possible, because the reason users are watching in the first place is to be informed. If you can effectively get your message across, and do it in a way that you’ve impressed viewers with the quality of your production, it can leave an extremely good impression, which is highly favorable to your company.

3. Be informative
Creating short, informative videos can be the most effective way to reach your target audience. Most people are unwilling to watch long-running videos, so make your point quickly and then wrap it up. If you have a lot more to tell, think about creating a follow-up video, or some other piece of content that will support the message you’re trying to convey.


4. Use influencers
It can be a very good strategy to include influential personalities in your videos, since these people have their own built-in followings. An endorsement from an influencer is another way of generating trust for your company, and encouraging followers to engage with your company, and perhaps to make a purchase.

5. Include a lead capture form
Statistics show that adding a lead capture form to a video, especially within the first 10-20 percent, can lead to an increased conversion rate anywhere between 35 and 45 percent. Once you know who your viewers are, and you have their email address, they can now be part of your marketing funnel. Through a simple lead capture form, you will be able to send them more tailored content that fits their likes and needs and bring them through the buyer’s journey that you’re working very hard to craft.

6. Transcribe the video
It’s a good idea to completely transcribe the dialogue contained in your video, so that the content can be used in other marketing and advertising channels that you regularly use. It might also serve as the basis of a longer article that you include on your website, or possibly in an email which can be sent to your target audience.

7. Continue to engage your audience post-video
Have you ever read a book that you just couldn’t put down? That’s exactly the kind of impression you should strive to cultivate with your videos, so your viewers literally can’t wait for the next video in the series. Offer them an opportunity to subscribe on your YouTube channel to get the latest updates, or they can subscribe by email and you can notify them through email or RSS when there is a new video. 

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