White  Label Video Production Services

Assisting production companies, agencies and in-house marketing teams with cost effective video production services across Arizona

Video Creation Has Never Been So Easy

At Phoenix Production Services, we are committed to delivering seamless and cost-effective video production solutions. Our services cater to the unique needs of video production companies, agencies, in-house video production and marketing departments. Acting as an extension of your team, we work collaboratively with you to bring your video projects to fruition.

From providing a local video crew to full-fledged line production, we offer tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements. Our pricing models include fixed-price budgets and cost-plus, providing you with the flexibility to choose what works best for you. With our fully-insured services and W2 employees, we aim to minimize your risk and ensure maximum quality output.


Local video coordination – from anywhere!

Looking for local video coordination and management support for your next video production project? Look no further than Phoenix Production Services. Our experienced team can provide on-site support to ensure seamless coordination of your project, no matter where your team is based. We offer a range of services, from complete video production management to extra support on the ground. Trust us to be your “feet on the ground” and help make your video project a success. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.


Top-notch crew without the headaches

Experience a hassle-free video production process with PPS’s top-notch crew without the headaches. Avoid taking risks in hiring temporary video crew and let us source the right professionals for you, including gaffers, key grips, drivers, DPs, 1st ACs, PAs, and more. Our experienced crew can work with you or we can refer you to talented freelance crew that we recommend, at no additional cost.

Our crew members are Phoenix Production Services employees, covered by our insurance and worker’s compensation. We pay our crew as W2 employees, following IRS guidelines, and handle all the paperwork, crew selection, call sheet communication, time cards, payment, and tax filings. Trust us to take care of all the details and ensure a smooth video production process.

Video Gear

The right tools for the job – at the right price

Finding the right video gear and vendors can be a challenging and time-consuming process. That’s why we leverage our local presence and buying power to source high-quality video equipment at competitive prices. Our experienced team has built strong relationships with local vendors, which allows us to secure great service and discounts based on our volume, and pass on the savings to you. We can provide the right tools for your video production project at a lower cost than if you were to go directly to the vendor. Let us help you make the most of your budget while ensuring that you have the best gear for the job.

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