A Brief Guide To Hiring A Video Production Company in Phoenix

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It’s time to start your next major commercial (video) production!

Arizona is known for our predictable weather, varied locations, and breathtaking scenery. And while Phoenix and the surrounding areas may be a great place to shoot, the logistics of pulling all the components together remotely can be a lot of work without an experienced production company.

This is a short read for those who may be shooting in the greater Phoenix area to consider Phoenix Production Services when taking the next step for video production.

Starting Your Video Production Project

If you want your project to look great, be done on time, and hold to your budget, it is critical that you plan prior to your shoot.

Pre-production work is critical to the success of an video production. As soon as you identify your concept for the project, it is wise to engage with your production company. A local video company can assist with locations, crew, equipment, local laws and customs… not to mention adding a different perspective to your creative angle. Considering the production trade-offs early in the project can make the different between staying on budget and having to deal with all sorts of expensive, last-minute surprises.

Cheap video production can mean cheap looking video  


Today, everyone has a camera on their phone. But just because you have a camera, does not mean you can make a great video. You can always hire a rookie production crew, but will they be able to produce the level of production value you need to preserve your brand’s image? How effective will your video be when everyone watching can tell it was cheaply produced?

To maintain your brands continuity and quality, it is critical to have a trusted production crew like Phoenix Production Services that has the skills, experience, and access to high quality gear to deliver the best video production value. When working in an unfamiliar market, it’s important to look past a slick website and demo video, and really determine the credibility of the company with whom you are dealing with…. how long have they been in business? Do they have an office? Employees? Insurance? Don’t make a decision based on a website alone… dig in a little deeper to be sure you understand who you are partnering with for your next video project.

A good sign of an experienced video production company will be asking a lot of questions up front. Here are some questions you might expect when exploring a new project;

  • What is the purpose of the video?
  • What level of production quality are you trying to achieve?
  • Do you have a location identified for your shoot?
  • What gear will you need? (Camera, G&E)
  • What style are you wanting to emulate?
  • How big of a crew will be needed for your desired production?
  • How many days will production be?

Professional Video Production Services

Here at Phoenix Production Services, we can assist with short video productions as well large-scale projects. Our case studies are a great place to start understanding how we have cost-effectively help our clients achieve great results.

PPS operates all over Arizona…. from the greater Phoenix metro area (Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, etc), up to Sedona, Flagstaff, and the beautiful Monument Valley area near the Grand Canyon, and down south in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Our model is flexible. While we enjoy taking on the responsibility of the complete production, we frequently assist as a production services company. This model allows us to extend and amplify your existing team. For example, we assist our clients with finding local crew, assisting as a local production coordination team, and using our influence and connections to solve problems when shooting in state.

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