Why You Should Choose Arizona for Your Next Video Shoot

For a company looking to shoot its next video, the location of the video shoot can play a huge role in the decision for several reasons. Many companies are constantly trying to find ways to shoot high-quality videos without breaking too much of their budget. One way to limit your production budget is to find a state/city that can double for other locations to save on travel costs, has agreeable weather, and is affordable. This is true especially if you choose Arizona for your next video shoot. Arizona has beautiful scenery, a pleasant climate, and is more affordable to shoot videos here than in many other locations.

If you are looking at locations for your next video shoot, here are a few reasons why you should consider Arizona:

Backdrop and Scenery
Arizona is home to incredible mountain ranges and valleys, a bustling city, and unique southwestern architecture, which makes it a fantastic location to set up your next shoot. Arizona’s many sprawling deserts and beautiful urban areas have been the filming locations for countless commercials, music videos, television shows, and movies. Arizona has been the backdrop for westerns in Old Tucson, big-budget movies in Phoenix, and road trip movies on Route 66. Arizona may not have the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but it can still offer many beautiful backdrops for your next video shoot.

Wonderful Weather
While it may get hot during the summer months, Arizona has over 325 days of sunshine each year, which means the weather is reliable and stays warm year round. If you are company from a cold-weather climate who needs to shoot a video during the winter months, shooting a video in 70 or 80 degree temperatures can be very attractive. Agreeable weather can also be important for companies who are shooting under tight timelines, and can’t afford to have their video shoot delayed by bad weather.

Alternative for Other Locations
The unique landscape of Phoenix can be a cost-friendly alternative to shooting in other locations across the country. Certain parts of Arizona can feel like Palm Springs, South Carolina, Los Angeles, or even the Middle East. This is attractive for companies looking to shoot a video that encompasses different locations, but not looking to spend much on travel expenses. Only
 about 15% of the land in Arizona is privately owned, which means that your company has a wide variety of choices if you’re looking to travel outside of the city limits to shoot your video.

Compared to other locations across the country (especially California), Arizona is a lot more affordable for a variety of reasons. Lodging, food, gas, and flights are all a lot cheaper in Arizona, which is attractive if you’re not looking to go over budget for these types of miscellaneous costs. Another way Arizona is more affordable is that you can save on the costs of bringing in video crews and video equipment, because Arizona has plenty of great video crews that use top of the line video equipment that you can use for your shoot. The video crews in Arizona are professional, flexible, have great skill sets with “can do” attitudes, are non-union, and many have already been well-trained in Hollywood-level video production. Learn more about how we can help source the best video crew based on your needs!

When looking at locations for your next video shoot, try to think past any preconceived notions you have about Arizona. Many people think that Arizona is only good for “old western movies”, but the beautiful scenery and wonderful weather can help you produce a high-quality video without breaking your budget.

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