Video Production Ideas For Small Businesses

People love watching videos. Videos can be motivational, informational, and even heartwarming. The benefit of videos is that it combines both visual stimulation and audio stimulation, which can make even complex concepts easier to explain and easier for your viewers to understand.

Here are 15 video production ideas for small businesses:

An Introduction

Incorporating a video on your homepage can be very helpful. It allows you to explain what exactly you do and what your business does to solve the problems that your customers face in around 90 seconds or less.

This is certainly more appealing than trying to force all of this information into the first paragraphs and headlines on your page. This approach can also give you the opportunity to show your personality and add a more personal touch to your welcome page for your clients. Adding a cute animation in this can be fun, but it is definitely not required (think the well-known Dollar Shave Club example).

Sharing the Details of Your Business

While an introductory overview video is an effective way to introduce your company to online visitors, they will often need a bit more from you in order to win them over. Several more detailed videos can convey more information to explain exactly what it is you do or the various services you offer. This is a solid way to give your audience what they need to decide if they want to purchase your services or not. You can post these videos on your Facebook page or homepage.

Explain a Specific Product or Service

If you’ve already explained what your company stands for, you can start to get into what your product does. Why is this feature great for your customers?

Your audience will have a lot of questions they need to have answered before they are convinced to click that “Buy Now” or “Contact us” button. They need to feel like they know the product as well as your business before they feel comfortable enough committing to it. An explainer video is a perfect way to give them a quick glimpse into how your product can help them and why they should purchase it.

Promote, Promote, Promote

Promoting your business is still important if you are smaller. The only difference for promotional strategies that a smaller business faces is that you need to be more strategic. After all, you may not have the budget or reach that a larger corporation comes with.

A strategic promo video will grab someone’s attention and not let go. Trailers and ads are good examples of this, and a good approach is always to try to tap into your viewer’s emotions to tease them about what is to come next.

The key here is story: you want to propel your brand forward. The story is crucial to sparking the curiosity of your audience and a big factor in attracting new viewers and creating interest in your business.

A Cartoon

The appeal of cartoons is not limited to children and younger audiences – they can be a unique way to tell the story of your business, show data from a recent customer survey, or even share an update for a product. Cartoons are engaging, lighthearted, and present a fresh method for diving into a topic, because the right animation can make anything fun. Animation has the ability to add levity to the content you are sharing.

Third Party Testimonial Videos

Find people who have loved their experience with your company, product, or service and do this now! Third-party proof, or customer testimonials, speak miles to prospective customers. It’s far more convincing for customers than reading facts that you listed yourself about why they should pick you. These add more credibility to your brand and can be the difference between them electing to buy your product and passing you up for your competitor.

Culture Content

It is important to realize that buyers truly do care about who you are as a business because they care about where and who they are buying from. Whether they are feeling this subconsciously or not, this is especially important regarding small businesses.

Your small business has an advantage here though – you are able to show off who you are much more personably than an inconceivably large corporation. Maybe you can show what life is like in the office by making a time lapse of the day, or maybe you show snippets of brief chats with various people who are a part of your team. Embrace your office culture and share it proudly.

Share the Story of Your Creation

Creation stories tend to have a lot of heart, considerably so with smaller companies. Similar to how customers care about culture content, people are also invested in how the business they are buying from was originally founded. The end goal with this option is to find the perfect balance between sharing your backstory and to keep it relevant to your employees and clients.


People tend to trust online reviews just as much if not more than recommendations they receive personally, so they are definitely a must for your website. However, why not make them more exciting by turning them into a video?

When you do it this way, you are able to group certain reviews that are focused on similar topics or features together and organize the content for your viewers.

You can also take this opportunity to address critical reviews by highlighting how you solved a specific issue that came up in other customer reviews. This is great because it will show that you are open to and listen to feedback and take the extra step by acting on their reviews to improve their future experiences with your company.

Behind the Scenes Footage

Showing your process is another way to give your visitors an accurate image of where their recent purchase will be coming from as well as who you are, and that is exactly what your audience wants: to feel connected with the real “you.”

Vlogs on YouTube gained momentum for a reason – there is just something so raw and appealing about how you and your team appear candidly. It places your viewers right there in the room with you. Your customers know that your company is about more than just the higher-ups and that it is about every employee that keeps the machine going. Seeing this can bump up their connection with you to the next level.

Thank Your Clients

The sustainability of small businesses like your own is reliant on consumer loyalty. Make your consumers feel valued by sending out a reminder every now and then that shows how thankful you are for their continued support. A benefit of these videos is that the production value doesn’t need to be very high; it just needs to show your gratitude.


Interviewing influencers or partners in your industry is a great way to gather leadership content that will educate your viewers. This provides an outside source and opinion to encourage your website visitors to think about all of the aspects that contribute to what you do and reinforce how helpful your service is to them.

A “Top 10” List

Lists always entice people – it is just how we work. That is why this is a great tactic to attract new viewers, and it can be a lot of fun for you to create as well. The number doesn’t have to be 10, but the approach should stay the same. If you sell natural honey, maybe make a video about the top 7 weirdest uses of honey in the world.

Mix and Match

You should feel free to mix and match any of these strategies to create your own unique video; the marketing possibilities are endless.

Why Production Company Matters

As a small business, you probably don’t own a lot of the professional film equipment or have your own crew that works together to really make a video come together – this is where Phoenix Production Services comes in.

By hiring a reliable production company, you ensure professional-looking final results that continuously impress and attract new viewers. At PPS, we can handle any and all aspects of the filmmaking process, from gathering the equipment and crew to making the video magic happen.

For more information about what we do and who we are, contact us today on our website and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have about our services and to view our past filmmaking projects.