Your Company Needs Video Production To Grow In 2019

Phoenix Arizona is now one of the leading hubs for all things digital media. And if you are a business owner here in state, here’s a tip or two for the road of growth. For many of us in the video production industry, our attention made a recent shift from the latest software or film camera to rent released from the manufacturer. The focus is now leaning in favor of the businesses who desire longer attention in front of their customers. Consumers browsing the internet are now making stronger connections with brands and business. But who has the million dollar answers as to why?

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An Overview of Video Production in Phoenix, Arizona

Each year our management team awaits a big release from annual Internet Trend reports. We love to see what’s up ahead and best communicate with our clients to keep them at a competitive advantage. We open up a discussion with what new trends we need to be aware of, and of course, what’s yesterday’s news. One of the most important trends released every year is in our sandbox of video content marketing. Video content is now the leading cause for driving today’s business growth. 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate because of video. Video continues its onward march in the “king of the content” revolution. The problem is most small and medium sized business owners in arizona have yet to take full advantage of video marketing for their brand.

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Who is Phoenix Production Services?

Our mission when it comes to helping the business community in arizona is to help with prioritizing content as marketing. Most business owners do not have a million dollar budget to retain an agency for tv ready videos, websites, social media, etc. Currently, there are not many options except partnering with an inexperienced videographer still in college or simply trying to build their portfolio. Cutting corners on budget is not the way to go either. Our team has the equipment and experience when planning  and creating highly engaging videos. In the meantime, let’s look at some mind blowing video statistics to see just how much growth the world of video is experiencing. We pulled in a chart from Single Grain on what content users on the internet would like to see:

Most of the key areas that stand out are the effects of a well staffed agency that has the budget to make people keep talking about a brand on the internet. Social media leads the charge along with case studies or “proof of strategy.” Then comes video which could very well be split mostly around user-generated or brand-generated content. So how can your company drive growth? Simply reverse engineering the stack of content starting off by utilizing video to drive conversion or engagement on social media. Our strategy is to help your compelling offer start great conversations on the internet and watch customers share awesome videos. As a video production company, we start with being in the seat of the customer. Several other questions we may face with potential clients are; What type of videos are they using to improve customer experience? Is there a protocol for how business owners should prioritize this highly engaged content? If that’s ever crossed your mind, then keep reading.

The Cost of Video Production

The biggest reason we encounter objections from many business owners come down to “video production as content” is too costly. Yes! Great quality video production is, of course, an upfront cost. But most business owners will never listen past the price tag and have a non-threatening conversation about their immediate business results they desire. The challenge is the true value for how missing a simple explainer video on the web may be the cause for slow growth or no growth at all. The bigger problem is the lack of creative content to keep viewers attention long enough to engage users into a customer or conversion. That’s our conclusion for why most brands or businesses in arizona come to a standstill with using videos to attract or expand. Then there’s the dread of digital distribution to get the word out for video which also overwhelming. The good news is we are that all-in-one solution to implement your strategy for how to capture high concepts and deliver a compelling offers.

When To Hire A Video Production Company

When going out and searching for a ‘video production company in arizona’ to partner with for upcoming projects, start with this process. It will save you the dread of cost and time for certain. Our approach to video is an unbiased approach. This way our clients have several frameworks to capture and deliver value regardless of the scope of work or cost you may dread. There’s not too many video production companies in phoenix that create a high value of deliverable without the process being simple and the savings are fair. That said, here are 5 useful types of video content that your viewers can delight in. (when your viewers are enjoying themselves, you’ll have already separated yourself from the competition):







With an established and experienced video production company like Phoenix Video Production Services, you can make your video marketing tasks so much easier. We can help you with several projects at the same time, or tackle the various practical complications around shooting. Our services can also be especially helpful in case you are running a business from the other side of the country. We can assemble a highly experienced crew with the best gear in no time to give you exceptional results.  Therefore, with Phoenix Production Services, you not only have a good quality video content, but also within your budget without having to worry about the various practical hassles of creating day to day video content. So, hire us today for the perfect digital marketing experience. You can find us on the map below: