[Case Study] Partnering with a Video Production Company to Achieve High Impact Results

We recently partnered with a New York agency to produce and shoot a video for EA Sports’ Madden NFL 2018 featuring NFL player, Tyrann Mathieu.

Madden NFL 18 is a popular video game that has a new story mode centering around a player trying to achieve his dreams of reaching the NFL. To promote this new mode, EA Madden partnered with Tyrann Mathieu, an NFL player who has had to overcome adversity, both professionally and personally, to become an All-Pro cornerback and Pro Bowler for the Arizona Cardinals. 

For this particular project, New York agency, Complex, was working directly with their client, EA Madden, on the concept for this video and overall campaign for the Tyrann Mathieu Longshot Project. Since Tyrann Mathieu is based in Arizona, Complex wanted to partner with a local Arizona video production company to assist with the production phase of the project. Complex had several reasons to do so, including:

  • Having a knowledgeable local partner
  • Minimizing cost for the project 
  • Reducing project risk
  • Doing project right the first time with no errors

Complex was facing a tight timeline and tight budget. By having a dedicated team handle production execution, Complex was able to maintain focus on the creative aspects of the project. After reviewing the available options, Complex selected Phoenix Production Services to be their local production services partner. Phoenix Production Services provided the following for this particular project:

  • Local coordination planning and support
  • All crew including gaffer, two grips, sound, two camera ops and makeup
  • All gear including camera, audio, lighting and trucking
  • Studio location

Download the full case study and learn more about the obstacles that were overcome, and the results that were achieved for this particular video project. You can also check out our video below to see some behind-the-scenes footage from our video shoots.

Are you looking to hire a video production company to help with your next project? We invite you to download the case study to learn how partnering with a video production company can help you achieve high impact results for your next video shoot.

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