What Video Equipment Brands You Should Consider for Your Next Video Shoot

First-class video projects start with first-class video equipment. From cameras and lighting, to production supplies and trucks, having the right equipment is essential to your video production. Whether you’re looking to a shoot a simple, “how to” video, or a large-scale video production, making sure you are using the best equipment with the latest technology will ensure your video is of the highest quality possible. The following are a few video equipment brands you should consider for your next video shoot:


  • ARRI – A huge proportion of video productions and video shoots around the world are shot with ARRI cameras. Why? ARRI cameras are designed and redesigned to ensure the best image quality. ARRI camerias include a first-class sensor, unique color science and image processing that provide the widest dynamic range of images and colors captured in both the darkest and brightest areas. This makes ARRI cameras a premier choice by cinematographers who prioritize vivid color contrast and exceptional image detail in their video shoots. Click here to learn more.
  • RED – Another outstanding video camera brand that is continually chosen by the best in the business is RED. RED is a brand that also puts a lot of focus on outstanding image quality but, in addition, has also designed its cameras and related products to be easy to transport and use from set to -production. These qualities make RED a top choice for those who are new to the industry or are otherwise looking to experiment with new ways of shooting. Click here to learn more.


  • Leiss – Zeiss lenses are a good option when you are looking to shoot a video where color rendition and high contrast in low light situations is important. Zeiss lenses offer a wide range of focal lengths in twelve different lens families each tailored to meet the needs of your video production. Click here to learn more.
  • Angenieux – Angenieux provides a unique range of zoom lenses perfectly suited for high quality to mid-range video productions. These lenses offer fast T-stop throughout the entire zoom range, large focus scale rotation angle that enables precise manual focusing, and retain superb image quality even in the most extreme conditions.  Click here to learn more.


  • Lectrosonics – When purchasing or renting an audio wireless system for video shoots, just a quick look around and you’ll find a ton of options with an overwhelming array of brands and specs offered. Audio is an area where you get what you pay for and if you want the best, you get Lectrosonics or similar. Lectrosonics are a digital hybrid system that are used by professionals everywhere due to their design that eliminates sound errors. Click here to learn more.
  • Sennheiser – If you want analog, you want Sennheiser. The Sennhesier G3 system is the only fully analog system utilizing a compander. These are outstanding systems that perform well in most commercial applications and their modest price range make them one of our most popular rented brands. Click here to learn more.

The “Other” Equipment

Visual and audio will be the primary components of your video shoot, but there is also a variety of “other” equipment you’ll need for your shoot. For most of these extra components, the focus should be more on the type rather than the specific brand. Here are just a few of the other equipment components you should consider:

  • Lighting – The type of lights you use (LED vs. tungsten vs. HMI vs. etc.) should be more of a determining factor than brand. At Phoenix Production Services, we offer not only a vast array of different lights, but also offer a good selection of lighting fixtures to enable you to best create your ideal lighting conditions.
  • Dollies – Video production equipment is heavy. Dollies like the Fisher 10 and pipe styles are an ideal solution to getting what your video shoots need to where you need to shoot it. This is another arena where brand is less important than selecting the right style for your shoot.

If you want to learn about more equipment brands to consider for your next video shoot, we invite you to visit our equipment and speak with one of our video experts.

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