Developing and Leveraging Your Video Strategy: Sharing and Measuring

This is part 3 of our 3-part series on developing and leveraging your video strategy. If you are interested in reading the first 2 parts, you can read them here.

Did you know that almost 92% of all video watchers share the videos being consumed with others? If that’s not a reason to start sharing your video, we don’t know what is! Equally as important to sharing is understanding your video’s metrics and what your audience is actually doing when they watch your video.

Here are 3 “sharing and measuring” best practices to help expand the reach of your video and to get the feedback you need to make your video successful:

Make Your Content Shareable
Video represents the highest overall share rate of any type of content on the Internet, being shared almost 12 times more than written content and hyperlinks combined! It is important that you make your video content shareable by focusing on the three main pieces of “educating, entertaining and inspiring”. You may also want to enlist the help of social media influencers in your video, so that you can expand your video reach on through your social media channels.

Provide Feedback Opportunities
Having viewer feedback is one of the most definitive ways of determining what people think of your videos and if they hit the mark, and if your videos are having the kind of impact that you would expect. Consider ways to ask a brief 3-question survey about the video, or if you’re posting on social media, invite people to leave their comments. This will give you real-time feedback so you can make any necessary updates and have more user-generated information for your next video production project.

Measure Your Success
There are literally hundreds of software programs and services available which can analyze viewer statistics today. Some critical metrics to pay attention to are the following:

  • View Count
  • Play Rate
  • Engagement Rate
  • Comments

If you can track down these numbers right to specific watchers of your video, this will help your sales team in generating more leads, and will also tell them about people who are likely to be more interested since they viewed a higher percentage of the video, re-watched the video, and more.

There is simply no over-stating the power and the value of including video in your digital marketing strategy. We hope that the information provided in the “Planning and Executing” blog , the “Marketing and Promoting” blog, and this blog on “Sharing and Measuring”, will help you get started, and provide you with takeaways on how to make best use of video in your own digital marketing strategy.

In you’re interested, we invite you to download our eBook on developing and leveraging video as part of your integrated digital strategy. You can also speak with our one of video experts to learn how Phoenix Production Services can help with your next video project.

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