4 Ways Video Testimonials Can Enhance Your Brand

Video testimonials filmed by a professional video production company can add something to your brand that advertisements and text referrals simply can’t. Everywhere we go, whether it’s online or in the real world, we’re overwhelmed with advertisements that sing the praises of a particular product or service. As such, many consumers have developed a natural distrust of this type of advertising and instead rely on other consumers to help point them in the right direction. Video testimonials compiled together by a video production company can offer consumers this very insight.

Consider the following four reasons why it’s time to hire a video production company to put together your best customer testimonials to help enhance your brand:

1. Video testimonials make your brand appear more credible and trustworthyFew people are eager to sign up with a new business or try something for the very first time. Nervousness about a product or service is completely natural, especially if it is a higher-priced good or service. A video testimonial, or series of testimonials, can go a long way to ease the concerns that consumers might have about your brand and encourage them to make the purchase. Providing customer feedback on your website with video testimonials will give your brand a more credible and trustworthy reputation.

2. Video testimonials can generate publicityAn experienced video production company knows how to put together an informative, yet interesting and engaging video testimonial. Additionally, a video production company will help ensure that your videos have all the correct social links to increase the chance of it going ‘viral’ and generating greater and more positive publicity.

3. Video testimonials can target your buyer personas and increase conversionsEvery brand has a specific group of buyer personas that make up their largest buying audience. A great brand knows how to craft its messaging to best target those buyer personas and increase the chances those buyers will be the most likely to act. A professional video production company will work with you to ensure that you choose the brand messaging that will be most likely to appeal to your brand’s buyer personas. 

4. Video testimonials can enhance your brand’s image by making it more relatableVideo testimonials bring in the human element and make it so that your brand and business appear more relatable to your audience. That’s because no matter what industry you have, people are going to have preconceived notions or ideas about your business, what you do, and what your brand represents. Video testimonials compiled by a video production company will show how your consumers interact with your brand and can help answer many of the questions potential customers may have.

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