Video production is at the heart of everything we do. Whether you need help for shoot day or for the entire production process, Phoenix Production Services will ensure your next project is a success.

Pre-Production: A surefire way to spend too much money on your next
production project is to not adequately plan. We see it all the time…
projects rush to production, and end up wasting time and money with the
wrong equipment, the wrong crew, and spending way to much time shooting the wrong thing. PPS can help you optimize your production during the
pre-production phase by working with you on your budget, shot list and
storyboards, crew and equipment, talking through the schedule, and finding
ways to do more with less. It’s amazing what a little planning can

Production: Shoot day is where our video production company shines. Our unique access to Arizona’s top crew, equipment, and studio space is your secret weapon to ensure clean project execution.

  • We are fully insured with a $4 million dollar aggregate commercial liability policy. We also carry commercial auto, equipment, and worker’s comp policies. When we work the job with our employees, you can be comfortable that you not only have professionals running the project, but that you are not taking unnecessary risks.
  • Our crews are our employees. It means you are getting carefully screened crew that really care about the success of your project. We pay they legally as W2 employees, insure them with worker’s comp, and take care of all the paperwork like time cards, tax filings. You tell us what skills you need, we make sure the right crew shows up!
  • Our access to gear is second to none. We have access to millions of dollars of equipment – meaning you get the right tools for the job, and have backups available if plans change.
  • While most of our work is done on location throughout Arizona, for studio projects we have 24/7 access to the best production studio in Arizona at Reel Men Studios.
  • We are able to price the way you prefer to work. Since we are using our employees, our gear, and in some cases our studio, we can take on more of the production cost risk. Need a firm fixed-price quote up front? No problem. Rather work on a cost plus basis? Our pricing is transparent and you’ll know exactly what your fixed and variable costs are up front so there are no surprises.

Post-Production: No matter how good your raw footage is, you simply can’t delivery a quality video without great post production work. Phoenix Production Services will blend narrative, effects, graphics, voice-over, and music to make your video stand out and get the attention it deserves. Like our production approach, we can work on an hourly or fixed cost basis to make it easy for you.