The right crew can make or break a production

We have all heard the horror stories about production companies that thought they were hiring a qualified video production crew, only to discover that people were unprofessional and inexperienced. Getting just one crew member wrong can cost hours of time, thousands or tens of thousands in production costs, and have a major impact in the quality of the final product.

When you hire PPS, you can be sure your team is experienced and professional. Our team members are employees of Phoenix Production Services, and are covered by our insurance and workers compensation, which means we handle all of the paperwork for you. We follow IRS guidelines and pay the crew as W2 employees. We handle all the logistics, crew selection and availability, call sheet communication, time cards, payment, and all tax filings making it as seamless as possible for your team. You tell us what skills you need, we make sure the right crew shows up!

If you have in-house payroll capabilities and prefer to pay crew directly, we are also happy to provide solid freelance crew recommendations at no cost.