Prolean Infomercial Video

This video production project was an “infomercial” style video, intended for moving individuals further down the marketing funnel. The video script and concept were provided by Prolean, with Phoenix Production Services being hired to shoot and edit the video. The video production budget was tight on the project, so we shot with a minimal crew and shoot time to meet Prolean’s budget requirements.

The gentleman was filmed at their office in Scottsdale, Arizona, and the woman was filmed on location in Colorado with Phoenix Production Services video crew and video gear flown in for the project. This video was shot using two cameras for the gentleman and one for the woman. We utilized two camera angles to minimize filming time and cost, and to allow more flexibility in editing. The two camera angles were filmed simultaneously in Scottsdale, with only one or two takes for the entire script. In Colorado, we filmed the entire script twice to gain the two camera angles.