Green Screen Video Production

Producing corporate and commerical videos using greenscreen technology is becoming more and more popular.   This video highlights a few of our recent greenscreen video projects.

In the first example, we were able to quickly and cost effectively generate a series of promtional videos that looked like they were filmed at several different locations across several days, but were actually filmed in studio right after eachother.  What would have taken a full day of production was compressed into a few hours of simple filming.

The second example comes from a busy retail location, where filming during business hours would have been disruptive to business.  We created the background during off hours, filmed in studio during a convenient time, and combined the images in production.   Note that we can have three dimensional objects like a desk or counter that are also inserted, not just the background!

Watch the background carefully in the third segment… you’ll notice a truck driving by in the background.  When we use greenscren, we can shoot live video for the background, not just a static image.  This can enhance the realism of the project without forcing the whole production to be on location.

Green screen work can be challenging, in the sense that having the right lighting dramatically improves the “key” during production editing.  As the full-service provider, since we know what is needed for the edit, we can be sure to light the scene properly the first time.  No finger pointing when the editor can’t key out the footage shot by another vendor!  When shooting greenscreen, a vendor that owns the entire workflow is the only way to go!