Behind the Scenes Video

We are frequently asked to assist with behind-the-scenes (“BTS”) projects for our clients, both as an addition to our normal commercial video projects, and as stand-alone video projects being filmed by our clients or their agencies.
Shot “run-and-gun style” with minimal lighting, behind-the-scenes videos are an inexpensive way to leverage existing projects, and does really well on social media to amplify or tease a campaign. We typically price BTS work on an hourly basis, and it has proven to be an extremely cost effective way to get interesting video clips to leverage on various types of media.
This behind-the-scenes video reel is a compilation of a few projects, and showcases both typical BTS style footage, as well as some time-lapse and motion graphic work. In a good portion of these video production projects, we also often do informal, news-style interviews with key participants involved with the project.